Colonial Style Furniture is based in NorthWest Arkansas and is owned and operated by craftsman and furniture maker Eric Pedercini.
Using a range of environmentally-friendly timber and veneers, combined with state of the art hardware and finishes. Eric works closely with his clients to create custom made furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
He has gained a reputation as a furniture maker who is passionate and knowledgeable about his field. With his professional experience spanning over 15 years.


A fully qualified cabinet maker. Eric combines his training in modern techniques with age-old woodworking skills that have been passed down to him by his Grandfather – a master craftsman for over 70 years – to produce unique pieces of custom made furniture that are designed specifically to reflect his client’s tastes.
Each piece of bespoke furniture is created primarily for practical function. But Nick’s aim is for each client to possess a piece of handmade custom furniture that enhances its surroundings as a piece of personalized artwork.